Self care has become openly more accepted by us, our society, and used with more liberty. Its understood that to be of any help to someone else you have to ensure you have what you need first. In my various fields we are often reminded that one can not pour from an empty vessel. In fact a dear friend of mine taught me the importance of giving from one’s overflow.

All self care is not spa days, retreats, or include having a day of isolation from the world. Sometimes it looks like completing an assignment early and avoiding the stress of being both accurate and precise while beating the deadline clock. For some it looks like a well planned family outing that results in both bonding and learning about history. For me today it was a mixture of solidarity and immersion.

My self care looked like:

1, I took a nap to recharge, as well as, ensure my entire being had the opportunity to rest.

2. The weather was nice so I was sure to get plenty of sunlight to both boost my mood and warm my soul.

3. I was intentional with unplugging from all that drains me and ensured I was connected with those I love.

a gift.png