Domestic Violence Awareness

Every Friday in October you can catch me in Purple

Every Friday in October you can catch me in Purple

This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic Violence (DV) affects not only the individual that is the direct result of abuse but also the families and communities of those individuals as well. A misconception of DV is that is physical or always initiated by a man. DV can be physical, mental, or verbal, as well as, carried out by individuals other than women. In some cases the abuse is not even inflicted by a spouse but instead a caregiver such as a child or other relative.

I encourage my readers to look up Domestic Violence Wheels. There are many depicting the various ways Power and Control exemplifies itself in relationships of abuse. Individuals who have been in these types of relationships understand that not all abuse is physical just as all scars are not seen. The psychological wounds of verbal abuse have ever lasting effects which remain even after the physical scars have healed. The same goes for the emotional recovery that comes after isolation and harassment, the rebuilding that must take place financially, as well as, the support needed to aid in starting over.

I am blessed to know so many strong individuals that lives are representative of the resilience, power and strength of HOPE. They have stories that exemplify both the horror and triumph faced by so many yet to meet them you would never know the hell they’ve endured until they tell you. Not everyone openly tells their story and each find healing in their own way. This month and everyday I support and stand with those standing against domestic Violence. I stand for those I love who are no longer here, as well as, for the ones who still search for light and those who are hoping to one day say they are no longer feeling the pain of the past.

Please know you are NEVER ALONE!

TN YWCA 24/7 hotline


Anonymous and Confidential National Hotline

1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224

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