October Awareness Month

Awareness Quote.png

This month is giving awareness to some many illnesses, causes, and health-related issues. Below you can find graphics I made depicting the ones you will see me speak on over my social media pages. Feel free to share them or save them for your own reference as well.

From a young child I knew I wanted to change the world and throughout my life the means continually changed but I never waivered on my end goal. Now as an adult I am proud to use my platform to raise awareness of things I find important and with a community who is as passionate about creating change as I am. I have learned it does not take millions of dollars to save a life but something as simple as using my voice to shed light in the dark and create love where there was once hate.

Please join me in spreading awareness of causes that you hold close and using your voice to bring about justice, peace, love and equity. The systems in which we move daily depend upon our changes for their growth and the communities we serve depend on our voices to know that we are not pushing to help them survive but thrive and not just live but have the highest quality of life.

October Awareness Month.png
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