Time for a Change

In April of last year, I decided to make a change. Not my hair, or nail color but an even bigger change. I wanted to change the way I see myself, to build my self-confidence and fall in love with the woman in the mirror. At first, I was at a lost. I had been in this place before and knew what had fulfilled those longings then but I knew I couldn’t maintain the success on my own.

I have worked out off and on since undergrad. I would always plateau and lose sight of the hope in just continuing and the results being seen later. School or work would become stressful with a multitude of deadlines and exams and as I would focus more on those I focused less on my need for workouts and healthy eating. This time I decided would be different.

I reached out to a local trainer, Itrain365, and told him my desire to want to live a healthy life. The very first session was no joke. It was an assessment and Workout 1 of many more to come. At the end he said, “Ok, good work, see you again next week.” Knowing him now I laugh because the aspect of asking few questions is often what keeps me motivated.

I tell this story because literally the hardest part of starting my fitness journey was getting the courage to reach out to someone for help. I sent him an email to which he responded and set up a date for the assessment. I answered health background questions pertaining to my ability to do physical activities and the process began.

We often procrastinate on making changes regarding our health due to the thought that its difficult or expensive. We have an internet full of resources waiting for us to use it to find those resources we seek. The hardest part is starting and once you do you learn to tackle the rest as it comes.

Every race in life has a starting point. The only way to reach the end is to simply start. So whatever your race is you are seeking to run …. JUST START!

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